2012-2013 Theme: Reality Check: Discovering Human Identity in a Digital World

2011-2012 Theme: The Power of Beauty

2010-2011 Theme: Freedom

2009-2010 Theme: Global Culture

2008-2009 Theme: The University and the Limits of Knowledge

2007-2008 Theme: Happiness

The Current Affairs Exchange(CAFEX) Forum is dedicated to providing opportunities for growth of University of Toronto students through the organization of intellectual, cultural and social events.

The goal is accomplished principally through an annual speaker series and small discussion groups. Founded at the University of Toronto in 1995, CAFEX is an established venue for students seeking to complete their university education by exchange with professionals, professors, alumni and students from all disciplines and backgrounds.

CAFEX also encourages its members to participate in local and international conferences to experience and take with them a richer multi-dimensional perspective.

CAFEX Forum is a University of Toronto club recognized by the University of Toronto Students' Union(UTSU). We rely on the generous support of UTSU members and corporate sponsors. In you are interested in supporting our organization, please contact Josine Tence at jo_ag21@yahoo.com.

Alexandre Havard Amy, Wei, Nadine and Crystal Patricia and Professor Kenedy Professor Kenedy

For more information on our upcoming events or to sign up for our mailing list, please contact Natalie at cafex.forum@utoronto.ca .

Miriam Hyginus


Miriam is currently in her second year of university, doing a Specialist in Health and Disease. She hopes to study law after finishing her undergraduate degree. Miriam is excited to be involved in a club like CAFEX, as it gives her the opportunity not only to help organize lectures and events, but also to take part in them. She is very happy to be working with such a great executive council!

Josine Tence

Vice President

Josine Tence is a third year student at the University of Toronto. She is an Arts and Science student at St. Michael's College. She is currently double majoring in "Health and Disease" and "Cell and Microbiology", hoping to get into Medical School by the time she graduates. She loves dancing and music. Josine enjoys club meetings and events and sees them as a way to enjoy time with friends and relax from all the school work. Being a rookie of CAFEX, she is a thankful for this wonderful club that shows her there is more to learning beyond classroom walls or chemistry labs.

Crystal Mason

Communications Director

Crystal's involvement with CAFEX started while completing her undergraduate degree in English and History at the U of T. After studying law in Vancouver and philosophy in Rome, she returned to Toronto and is once again actively involved in organizing our annual lecture series. She continues to work in public relations and education.

Kristine Lauro


Kristine is a 4th year U of T Life Sciences student double majoring in Human Biology and Psychology with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys going to CAFEX events as a means to interact with a diverse background of students and take a break from brain mechanisms and conjugating Spanish verbs. Also, she enjoys this club, most importantly, as a means to think outside the box and of the other more important things in life.

Safina Allidina


Safina is a 3rd year student at U of T doing a double major in Human Biology and Psychology, with the intention of pursuing medicine. This is her first year on the executive council and she is thrilled to be a part of it, having been involved with the club for the past 2 years. When she's not busy taking notes during CAFEX meetings or attending exciting CAFEX events, she enjoys singing, cooking, and, of course, studying, like all U of T students.